Blender GE controlled by ARToolKit

Sunday , 17, May 2009 7 Comments

Attention: Old PyARTK module is obsolete for a long time. Now the new ARTKBlender module is available. It works on current version of Blender and provides similar functionality as old one.

I was requested to create demo with two ARTK markers to control game objects directly. I just made modifications to artkdemo – lower layer now contains simple game controlled by markers. I didn’t change any script in demo, just set up objects and added the second pattern data file.

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7 thoughts on “ : Blender GE controlled by ARToolKit”
  • waseem says:

    hey ashsid, i made my self before you posted…
    (there are some balls i can hit with a cylinder…on other marker)

  • gomv says:

    hi, very interesting!
    just an idea, if you use a cube (6 sided pattern) without a simple plane may you dont messing/flickering the beater position, because will be tracked in every side , a youtube example at 0:20 sec

  • vachoman says:

    yes 6 sided pattern cube would be very cool for not flickering the biters like in youtube at 20 sec:

  • admin says:

    Yes, you are right, cube pattern would improve tracking. It’s doable, I just didn’t tried it yet.

  • Herman says:

    Hi my name is Herman and I am from South Africa Kreursdorp (close to key west mall). I want to form a team to create a PC game using Blender GE. If you are interested to join me please send me an E-mail at It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to game designing. As long as you have a passion for 3-D designing and gaming!

  • Thiago Malheiros says:

    Hi Ash,
    the link for artkdemo is broken…

  • admin says:

    Hi Thiago,

    I’ve corrected the link, but for Blender 2.49 you need to download this demo

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