After a very long time I got back to Blender and ARToolKit. I threw out old python module (it didn’t work with Blender 2.5 and later) and considered several approaches how to build new one. After several experiments I decided to go straight and make ARTKBlender module from scratch using standard python C interface.

Currently I implemented minimal feature set to make old demo running. ARTKBlender module has no dependencies, it just runs out of the box on recent Blender versions (tested on 2.77 and 2.78). Updated demo contains 64-bit version of module.

There is current state documentation of ARTKBlender module API.

Module sources are published on Github as open source. It’s implemented in C++ using MS Visual Studio 2015. I’m able to build Windows binaries for 64 a 32 bit versions, so I would welcome help with build setup for linux and Macs.

ARToolKit has much larger potential than it had before. So I encourage anybody to bring ideas how to use new possibilities in this little module.

This article is subject to change. I’ll update it when new information arise. I’m preparing module’s API documentation, too.

18 thoughts on “ARToolKit module for Blender + Game Engine

    1. It’s not necessary to include this module in Blender itself. It can stay standalone and be usable even outside the Blender.

  1. Hey Ash, long time we discussed this ! I talked about you in my conf at the Blender conference this year, about the video texture integration ! 😉
    great you have this working again !! will see if I can (find some) help to compile this for linux, it’s a great tool to implement in the BGE !

    1. Hello, there is downloadable demo available (linked in article). It should run on current Blender and provide insight how to use this module.
      If there would be interest I can make a video tutorial, but I’m quite busy, so it’ll take some time.

  2. Ahoj, co dělám špatně když mi konzole hlasí: ImportError: No module named ‘ARTKBlender’?

    1. Ahoj,

      súbor ARTKBlender.pyd má byť v rovnakom adresári ako .blend súbor, ktorý ho používa. To by malo stačiť.

      Záleží na tom, či modul používaš v BGE alebo v Blenderi samotnom. Počas behu hry v BGE je do sys.path pridaný aj samotný adresár hry, pri spustení skriptu v Blenderi to tak nie je.

      Treba si v skripte vypísať obsah sys.path, a buď uložiť ARTKBlender.pyd do niektorého z vypísaných adresárov, alebo do sys.path pridať adresár, kde je ARTKBlender.pyd (ešte pred príkazom import ARTKBlender).

      Prajem zdar!

  3. v bge i v blenderu (i po přidání adresáře do sys.path) to pořád nefunguje..console píše DLL load failed: Zvedeny modul nebyl nalezen(

  4. Už jsem na to přišel…projel sem modul programkem na detekci zavyslosti na dllkach a vyhodilo mi to msvcp140.dll…stahnul jsem hodil do adresáře a jede to!!! děkuju moc

    1. Super, to ma teší. Práve som ti šiel napísať nejaké rady, ktoré by ti asi aj tak nepomohli.

      Veľa zdaru!

  5. Ještě posledni dotaz) zapoměl jsem co se muselo napsat dou live stream z cam 0,1?

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